Climate change heartbreak poems 2006-2013

Come down

these chunks of burger
broken back
against the hard plate
fallen soldiers
collected in the morning

slugs of hot dog
bitten ends, bitten middles
bite beginnings
in the middle of one hot dog
the stumbled shoulder of one knee down
the slurred rumble of a getaway gateway

not knowing your own mean streak
the hangover of a hangover
the tongue of a seat untaken
that stale yard
a violence in the ground

more than ten years
the long flight
against reality (tv)
party to party to party to party
like battles

til 4am
5am comes along
there are lives made
in small hours’ conversations
and conversions

a whole day
after the storm
temperature taken
until its cold and short
and comes


Portable flood

quick not to resist
falling easily

an aggressive portable flood
relocates your water

utterance of ice melt
uttering of ice melt

using a branch as a weapon
bigger than yours

heart storms
a series of directions

seen in leaves
and broken

sudden recovery
the eyes knowing

two understandings
the way we talk to each other about the weather has changed



there’s a gap
the size of a glacier
expanded beyond its flow
expanded beyond where it had flown
a gap made moves
made to move
under sight lines
beyond touch
beyond its touch
a cluttered rut
or a careful pause
it’s hard to know
which way to calve


Tall Holder

Treasures are the sinking slow
ones you hunt
everything else, is a low coward’s shoulder
a grunt already hit the bottom
to hit the bottom, trades the past

empty accounts of windfall
silenced cash
in caches, lumps of purchase and expense
the lake is deep with source
upward tunneling below

the whale you are
is slow, secondary heavy
tongue jammed low against thick gummed jaw
secret current-pulled tow
swift swings out

tool holder and tall holder
not designed to withstand
new tides, waves, high winds
low knowledge
the new coasts will let you know


The Listening

The listening goes well
sandpits at every house
sandpits full of toys
the older and new

earlier machinations
scouring the sky
leaving digs and heaps
heaps of lust left behind

test pit
dream to start
island for time

yours might be more colourful
louder, faster, higher
it must be an island
for time

working in floods
with tracks we’ve made
entering fields
over our knees

floating logs
make crafts of trade
listening closely
you hear their motor
and understand their straight line


Take This Hand

Take your hand
before there is
no snow cold enough
before this big thaw

take this hand
before there was
no snow cold enough
this is a big thaw

this was just a week
of weather
we cannot complain

I won’t be
your meteorologist
it’s ok
you are your own

when there’s change
in the wind
you’ll be a face
you’ll gurn good

we can meet at a
on change
and you’ll say something
to explain why change is good


Golden Sunrise

There’s a golden sunrise
on your back pack
it’s saying welcome,
welcome to the future
it’s yours here

yours is having a good time
while all the ridges rise
the desperation
of only standing in time
somebody’s always waiting
while you’ll be anywhere

it’s not a fault line
under your command
it’s a trouble waiter
troubling the other side

remembering the golden sunrise
and the ridges divide

you’ll feel guilt
you’ll feel hazard

ridges have their valleys
open to your fall
over the other side
packing up the world

remembering the golden sunrise



Entrances take upon you
sweet old into the room
and the ugly hungry
takes your hands

well hello and I hope you
enjoy the company
it’s the occupier tonight

it’s a swoon for you
we can see it before you
as the ugly hungry
takes your hands



Solid soldier
soon older soon bolder

will the world get lighter
for an inactive star

hapless soldier
when do you breathe out

where will you go to ease the load
pass time in aftermath

soon hired soon tired
when will you breathe

will you find a hold
and be held together

will the world get lighter
light weight


Take Change

Remember to take care
you’ve set out
to make change

remember to take care
cause once it notices you
it will set out to make change
on you

you will receive
what you have given
right back
from interpretation

and that’s where
the danger is
ready to care
with interpretation

once it notices you
it will set out
to make change
on you

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