2001 – 2005

detail of Amphibian Craft, existing carpeted floor patched with stitched found and tie-dyed fabric, 2005

detail of of Amphibian Craft, clay toad with reconfigurable painted parts, 2005

detail of of Amphibian Craft, patched carpet, clay toads with reconfigurable painted parts, perspex raft with wheels, 2005

detail of of Amphibian Craft, patched carpet, clay toads with reconfigurable painted parts (also on benches and windowsill), perspex raft with wheels , 2005

installation 2005







untitled, self-supporting painting #1, white wash and white paint on mdf, 2005

untitled, self-supporting mdf sheet painting #2, existing carpet patched with stitched and stuffed fabric, 2005


full and half 3

half sheet 6

untitled, self-supporting mdf sheets, painting 1&2, sanded white wash with paper petals, 2005

untitled, self-supporting cut mdf paintings, 2005

crit 1 image 4

untitled, self-supporting cut mdf paintings to the format of various laptop screens, 2005


drawing for reconfigurable mdf paintings in the shape of human field of vision, 2005

drawings 2007 - 2009

drawings 2005

drawings 2007 - 2009







untitled, hovering mdf sheet painting with wall painting, 2004

Don Painting, photoshop painting, 2004. New Zealand politician Don Brash.

drawings 2007 - 2009

drawings 2007 - 2009


Eye pieces (detail), paper objects and video, 2004

Eye pieces (detail)paper objects and video, 2004

Eye pieces (detail)paper objects and video, 2004

Video Ring, video stills from performance with movable walls made into printed ring of images, 2004


Untitled, sandpaper, acrylic wash, and plaster on panel, 2001

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