Inside old hard drives

Amphibian craft, 2005 During the graduating year of my BFA I started having dreams about toads. Toad communities that inhabited these compressed watery spaces, a little like aquariums, but somehow more open. So I made this work where reconfigurable clay toads, made up of smaller clay parts, sat along the window sill, or upon a […]

The Slipping Away, group show at Gus Fisher Gallery, 2019

Climate change heartbreak poems (2006-2013) Cellulose, pigment, seawater Written a decade ago, Raewyn Martyn’s poems conflate shifting consciousness of climate change with experiences of heartbreak.  For The Slipping Away, These poems are realised within the highly sensitive material of cellulose… with thanks to Gus Fisher Gallery and Sam Hartnett for the photographs

Greywacke love poems, 2019

Upcoming: Greywacke love poems: returns, public paintings on Wellington’s South Coast Nov 1st – Nov 17th 2019 This November, Owhiro Bay Quarry beachfront along Wellington’s south coast becomes the site of a series of biodegradable paintings by Wellington-based artist Raewyn Martyn that will appear and dissolve back into the landscape. The paintings make further appearance […]

Camping paintings, Kahurangi, 2018-2019 (on-going)

During the summer of 2015 I started a series of camping paintings. At each new campsite I will adapt the tent paintings in response to the site. During the first trip, I used a Eureka kitchen tent (c1964) and attached additional pieces of custom-fitted canvas scrim. I camped at Lake Superior Forest Park and North […]