Greywacke love poems, Wellington City Council Public Art Panel light boxes, 2019

Courtenay Place Park Lightboxes Raewyn Martyn: Greywacke Love Poems 5 April-9 June 2019 Wellington artist Raewyn Martyn explores processes of transformation within human-made forms and geological landscapes. Greywacke Love Poems (2019), has developed through experimentation with mineral pigments, plant-based polymers, and photography—repositioning Wellington’s South Coast in the city’s urban centre. The lightboxes present a series […]

Camping paintings, Kahurangi, 2018-2019

During the summer of 2015 I started a series of camping paintings. At each new campsite I will adapt the tent paintings in response to the site. During the first trip, I used a Eureka kitchen tent (c1964) and attached additional pieces of custom-fitted canvas scrim. I camped at Lake Superior Forest Park and North […]

Not standing still

A group show with Katie Breckon, Dana Carter, Scott Flanagan, Jenny Gillam, Hope Q Ginsburg, Eugene Hansen, Melissa and Geoff Martyn, William Henry Meung, Maria O’Toole, Anet Neutze, Aroha Novak, Charlotte Parallel, Kim Pieters, Deano Shirriffs, and Jemma Woolmore. With an online publication Not standing still, designed by Katie Kerr, features new writing by Raewyn Martyn, Rachel O’Neill and Gregory Kan. Thank you to everyone involved in this publication and exhibition, […]