Greywacke love poems, 2019

Courtenay Place Park Lightboxes Raewyn Martyn: Greywacke Love Poems 5 April-9 June 2019 Wellington artist Raewyn Martyn explores processes of transformation within human-made forms and geological landscapes. Greywacke Love Poems (2019), has developed through experimentation with mineral pigments, plant-based polymers, and photography—repositioning Wellington’s South Coast in the city’s urban centre. The lightboxes present a series […]

Paint over, use again (2021), with Jess Charlton, for Open Window at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.

An installation with video made by Jess Charlton “For the Open Window on Queen Street, Martyn has created a new work developed from experimentation with industrial fluorescent pigments and plant-based polymers, drawing on her ongoing research into biopolymer materials as alternatives for petrochemical paint products. In other recent work, Martyn has used a range […]

Autumn Sunday

An animation made with editor Jo Sanders, for Ōtepoti Dunedin-based musician and artist William Henry Meung. This work will be released later in Autumn 2021. Developed during September 2018 at Enough Room for Space residency in Drogenbos, near Brussels, as part of their ongoing Uncertainty Scenarios series, the photography happened over the course of an […]

Inside old hard drives #2, 2010-2020

Unsuccessful (and some successful) proposals from 2010-2020. This post is incomplete, I’ll add to it as I come across the old proposals Hirschfeld proposal, Jan 2014  (from emails with the gallery) A delaminated wall work alongside soak-stain oil-skin coats. The soak-stain oil-skin jackets were initially proposed as part of The Obstinate Object (2012), but that […]

The Slipping Away, group show at Gus Fisher Gallery, 2019

Climate change heartbreak poems (2006-2013) Cellulose, pigment, seawater Written a decade ago, Raewyn Martyn’s poems conflate shifting consciousness of climate change with experiences of heartbreak.  For The Slipping Away, These poems are realised within the highly sensitive material of cellulose… Image above Medium (2017), A2 risograph poster book made with Jo Frenken at the Jan […]

Inside old hard drives #1

Amphibian craft, 2005 During the graduating year of my BFA I started having dreams about toads. Toad communities that inhabited these compressed watery spaces, a little like aquariums, but somehow more open. So I made this work where reconfigurable clay toads, made up of smaller clay parts, sat along the window sill, or upon a […]