Not standing still

A group show with Katie Breckon, Dana Carter, Scott Flanagan, Jenny Gillam, Hope Q Ginsburg, Eugene Hansen, Melissa and Geoff Martyn, William Henry Meung, Maria O’Toole, Anet Neutze, Aroha Novak, Charlotte Parallel, Kim Pieters, Deano Shirriffs, and Jemma Woolmore. With an online publication Not standing still, designed by Katie Kerr, features new writing by Raewyn Martyn, Rachel O’Neill and Gregory Kan.

Thank you to everyone involved in this publication and exhibition, especially Caselberg Trust for support during the Summer Residency.

Publication link:

01_An Error Occured 2 (0-02-06-12)Jemma Woolmore, An Error Occurred, 2016

Eggoscope detail 2Eggoscopes_1Melissa and Geoff Martyn, Eggoscopes, 2018

Anet 2Anet_2Anet Neutze, ‘Encyclopaedia Somnambulus’, A book of Sleep Walking, 2018

Aroha - detail 2Aroha Novak, Weight of the water, 2018

Dana CarterDana Carter, Chevron, 2018

DeanoDeano Shirriffs, A Communication, 2018

Hope GinsbergHope Ginsburg, Land Dive Team: Bay of Fundy, 2016

Ktie Breckon 2Katie Breckon 1Katie Breckon, Worrorra Stone Tools, Vic Cox Collection, monoprints, 2017

Scott FlanaganScott Flanagan, Desert Island Selections Vol.1, 2018

William - InstallWilliam Henry Meung, Untitled, 2018

William - detailWilliam Henry Meung, Untitled, 2018

Charlotte - detailCharlotteCharlotte Parallel, The Piezo Electric Effect, 2018

Kim PietersKim Pieters, 3/8 & 4/8  from ‘ipsum’, 2018

Install front main galleryRaewyn MartynRaewyn Martyn, Untitled, cellulose, marine culture, plant-based pigments, 2018



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